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Bruce LeVine: Why Write?

Why I joined Dallas Hockey Now to cover the Dallas Stars.



Why write? Well, that’s a good question for someone who has made a living in broadcast media for the better part of three decades. Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows that correctly using a keyboard and proper proofreading are not my strong points, especially when trying to create thoughts in a hurry.

However, writing is something I have always wanted to do. I have had the occasional opportunity to do a column on the Stars website and really enjoyed the challenge. 

Expressing ideas and providing analysis in long form is something of a rarity these days. I’ve enjoyed the interactions with fans via Twitter and on Stars broadcasts on the TICKET but since both platforms have time or space limitations, that occasionally make deep dives impossible to attempt. With analytics, scouting, and game action, there are so many topics to discuss and delve into what they mean and how they affect the Dallas Stars.

When discussions first began with Dallas Hockey Now, I realized that this is the perfect opportunity to flesh out topics and provide extra analysis as to what is happening on the ice and beyond. Sam Nestler (@samnestler) will be handling the day-to-day hockey news and all that comes with being a Beat Writer. My job will be to give the 40,000-foot view and to continue, in more depth, the conversations we begin on the postgame show and social media. I look forward to working with Sam and growing this passionate hockey community.

I first started playing in a hockey league, street hockey, when I was in fifth grade. Soon I graduated to roller hockey (quads skates, as inline had not yet gone to market), and then ice hockey. The first hockey game I ever broadcasted was in 1992, the Dallas Freeze vs Oklahoma City Blazers. Now, I have had the privilege to be a broadcaster on more games than I can count. I’ve been a hockey Dad, complete with 5 am wake-up calls for driving to practice and all the ups and downs of watching your son become the best player he can be. But this will be the first time I can put my thoughts “on paper” and share them with the world on a consistent basis.

 Training camp and the new season officially start tomorrow. Let’s go!!!

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