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Logan Stankoven: A Lifetime of Family Support (DHN+)

Logan Stankoven’s family has committed to following him along nearly every step of his journey to the NHL. On Wednesday, Logan shared what that means to him.



In a recent column, Bruce shared the story of the commitment and support that Logan Stankoven’s family has shown their son over the last year. That support has been a lifelong occurrence and means the world to Logan, growing up playing hockey and always having his parents and sister right there to cheer him on. 

“It’s been nice having them supporting me, they have done it all throughout my life,” Stankoven said. “To have all three of them here watching me and supporting me all through Traverse, then back to Austin for main camp, and then [Dallas] for the first exhibition game was nice.” ***premium***

Logan grew up with his dad as a coach, as many hockey players do. And as it goes for most hockey dads, it can be tough to turn off the coaching mind, but Wes Stankoven does his best to simply enjoy the moment and let his son write his own script.  

“Yeah, a little bit, Logan smiled when asked if his Dad still tries to coach him. “He tries to help me out here and there. He really tried to help me when I was younger but now he kind of just lets me do my thing.”

The travel has been nonstop for the Stankoven family. Whether in the WHL, at World Juniors, or each step along the Dallas journey, they have found a way to be close as they watch their son and brother chase his dream. 

“They were there for all of World Juniors, I had lots of family come for that tournament, he said. “It's nice to have people in the stands that you know and that have supported you your whole life. Hopefully one day, I can give back to them.” 

“Sometimes,” he said when asked if his parents travel to road WHL games as well as all of the home games. “Close games like Vancouver or Colona, they will come.” 

Logan has been on a tear during the last year of his development and has the Stars organization watching his progression with intent. His latest step came in the form of an impressive preseason opener on Monday, and the 19-year-old winger will look to continue convincing the coaches to keep him around. 

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