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Fan Vote: Favorite Dallas Stars Jersey (New Era)

You voted on your favorite Dallas Stars jersey in the new era. Here are the results!



I asked Dallas Stars fans to vote for their favorite threads since the ‘Victory Green’ debuted in 2012. I opted to include the 2022 ‘Reverse Retro’, not the 2020-21 version. Let’s see how it turned out.

4. Victory Green (11%)

Okay, this surprised me. The new home jersey released under the ‘Victory Rising’ campaign was a huge upgrade from the many years of being near the bottom of the league in that category. The green pops, it is easy to spot around the city or on the road, and it is simple enough to be called a ‘classy’ design. Apparently, not all Stars fans feel the same way. 

3. 2022 Reverse Retro (16%)

I actually think this vote would have been different if more fans had seen this in person. I did not love it when it was first revealed, but after seeing it in the team shop in Frisco and on Jason Robertson, I have changed my mind. 

The layout is very similar to the glory days of the 90’s, featuring the old logo, a black primary color, and the design that automatically brings up Mike Modano scoring highly-skilled goals in your mind. I think this was the right design, especially after the all-white fail on their first effort. 

2. Blackout (27%)

This is not a surprising outcome. The ‘Blackout” has grown on many fans and continues to do so every time they sport it at the American Airlines Center. 

When this jersey was released at the end of 2020, it was met with a load of criticism. Many believed it was too neon and looked like a crossing-guard vest or an outfit you may wear when going for a night run. But honestly, what new thing is not met with criticism when it is released nowadays? 

I think this alternate is here to stay and the Stars will continue to wear it very often on home ice. Think anyone will let them wear it on the road? 

1. 2020 Winter Classic (46%)

Dang, this is a beautiful sweater. Plus, it reminds us all of the 83,000 fans screaming as Alexander Radulov scored the game winner, bringing Dallas back from a 2-0 deficit at the southernmost outdoor hockey game in NHL history. 

The jersey was based off of the former USHL team, the Dallas Texans. It features a massive ‘D’ logo, a felt Texas patch on the shoulder, perfectly placed stripes, and even says “Come and Take It”, the slogan of Texas, on the inside of the collar. The club mixed this with a risky beige/gold look on the pants and gloves, and it just worked. It remains at the top of my list when it comes to all Stars jerseys. 

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